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4 Reasons Why Education Is The Only Solution In Third World Countries

by Atlus

Education simply refers to gaining knowledge and learning information that comes in handy in different disciplines of life. Education teaches how to make a distinction between right and wrong. However, due to differences in access to resources, developed countries are progressing rapidly as compared to third world countries which are still struggling with basic issues.

These issues can only be resolved by providing education. In this article, we have mentioned a few reasons why education must be given to every person in a third-world country.

1.      Poverty

Third-world countries are experiencing a high poverty rate due to which they are unable to meet their necessities like food, health, education, hygiene, and clothes. Children are malnourished and have been seen to be showing stunted growth which is a huge concern. The World Health Organization is playing its role to counter these impacts but still, as the population is rapidly increasing, it is becoming difficult to manage the vast population. This all is happening because people lack basic education and do not have any skills that they can utilize to earn money and make ends meet.

2.      Illiteracy

The low literacy rate is another reason which necessitates educational provision to the people of third-world countries. Due to poor literacy rates people do not possess the required skills set and abilities with which they can contribute to their country. Females make up half of the population of the third world countries which is majorly illiterate and is causing a burden on the country.

The lack of schools and infrastructure makes it difficult to provide education to everyone. Therefore, everybody needs to play a role in funding the foundations to build schools like Cambodia schools. This way the literacy rate can be strengthened.

3.      Unemployment

Besides inculcating moral values, education is the main source for teaching the current generations about the advancements and inculcating in them new skills and abilities to thrive in the advancing world.

People lack jobs in third-world countries due to which they are forced to leave their countries, move abroad, and work there on low-profile jobs and lower pay despite having good degrees.

Otherwise, they usually work as laborers in first-world countries. Unemployment is also high because people lack the necessary skills and abilities which are required for the job. For which education is the only option.

4.      Higher Crime Rate and Spread of Diseases

When people are unemployed and are unable to earn their basic living then they tend to get involved in crime rates. In third-world countries, the crime rate like robbery, theft, and burglary is pretty high as people need to eat and help their families.

The higher crime rate is an alarming situation that must be controlled by providing diplomas and practical education to the youth so they can easily get a job. Furthermore, as people do not know how to make the right decisions they tend to rely on myths to cure infections, and this way diseases and infections spread rapidly.

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