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Some of the Unique and Beautiful Places in Italy that You Need to See

by Atlus

Italy is well-known for its unparalleled beauty and its various historical nature. The most popular places the Rome, Florence and Venice.

But something that most travellers miss seeing is the hidden most unique spots that are really worth watching. If you are still the one trying to guess the places, then we have covered some for you.

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To start with, we have jotted down some of the unique places here for you:


This place reminds you of the houses that you might have seen in your fairytales. At the Puglian town in southern Italy, you will see that unique cone-shaped structure Trulli houses painted with white walls.

This rare beauty of architectural works is not just to be seen but it has a huge history behind it. It was recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage site, built in the 17th century to avoid taxes.


Being the last remaining Citadel, this city is a must-stop for all those historical and adventure lovers. It is a beautiful walled town that was said to be a military outpost of Padua (in the 13th century).

This historic centre not only catches your eye for its beauty, but it is also going to be fun for all cheese lovers, as they have a regional cheese fair during spring.

Capri’s Blue Grotto

It is a natural wonder where you can enjoy both a beach day and a sea adventure. Somewhere in the middle of the sea, you will find an unknown cave which has a totally different enjoyment.

The ambience and the interiors, while you sail through the narrow cave, are the most beautiful sights that you can’t miss. Ofcourse, you can also have an underwater dive, watching the marine life inside.

Santa Casa

Santa Casa is a pilgrim place special for all Catholics. The most precious place for them is the “Holy House”, which is visited by all the different popes and the Saint Francis of Assisi.

The story behind this house says that it is where Mother Mary lived in Nazareth, and angels later carried it to Loreto to prevent it from destruction. It was earlier built with stone but later was encased with gold and marble.

Florence – The unknown David statues

One of the most famous David statues is all known by everyone. This is a masterpiece that was built by Michelangelo and is carved with a single solid block of white Carrara marble.

But in Florence, there are five more editions of David statues that fewer people know about. This includes:

The oldest bronze statue was made by Donatello in 1440

David by Verrocchio by Leonardo da Vinci in 1475

Out of these, the Michelangelo’s David statue will always remain a favourite.

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