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Best Places to Visit in Pakistan

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Hunza Valley

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful country in the world. The northern part of the country is famous in the world for its serene mountains and valleys. The Karakoram and western Himalayas are famous in the world. The second highest peak in the world K2 is also located in Pakistan. Moreover, the killer mountain Nanga Parbat is located in western Himalayas in northern Pakistan.

You’ve undoubtedly already begun thinking about your holiday plans so why not plan a trip to Pakistan? The list of tourist destinations in Pakistan is extensive, but we’ll focus on some of the best vacation spots. Let’s examine each of them briefly and talk about their key attractions. So here are 5 best places to visit in Pakistan.


Skardu is a hub of adventure tourism in Pakistan. Skardu is famous for beautiful lakes, snowcapped peaks of Karakoram and Himalayas, lush green meadows and breathtaking views. Some of the most beautiful places are Kachura Lake, Cold desert, Bashu valley and Deosai National Park.

Skardu is also a base for mountaineering and trekking to the great Karakoram range, Concordia and K2.


Murree is a hill station located in Northern Punjab. It is one of the most visited place in Pakistan. When it snows a lot, especially in the winter, it looks even more beautiful, which adds to the enjoyment of your vacation. The must-visit places in Murree are Nathia Gali, Pindi Point and Patriata.


The Hunza Valley is yet another beautiful valley known for its mountains, culture and historical sites. It has breathtaking vistas of everything from steep hills to ancient structures. Ice hockey is one of Hunza’s winter sports highlights.

Hunza Valley


Swat is called the Switzerland of Asia which has a vibrant culture and history. Malam Jabba, Pakistan’s sole skydiving resort, is heaven on earth for sky enthusiasts. This valley serves as a starting point for outdoor activities.

Neelum Valley

Neelam valley is located in Azad Kashmir region. Because of its eternal beauty and captivating charm, this valley in Azad Kashmir is a little piece of paradise. This valley is surrounded by mountains, picturesque freshwater streams, and vast forests, which draw tourists who are mesmerized by the scene repeatedly.

Kalash Valley

If you want to explore culture, then this valley is a must-see. If you like meeting people from different cultures and getting to know them then must visit Kalash. Kalasha people living in this valley trace back their origin to Alexander the great. Moreover, the Hindu Kush mountain range goes all the way around the valley in Pakistan’s Chitral district. The people who live there have their own ideas about their language, religion, and culture.

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Hunza Valley

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