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Festivities and Other Awesome Things to Enjoy in Asturias, Spain

by Atlus

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While planning a vacation anywhere in Spain, especially in Asturias, you will check all the things to do.

Be it a whirlwind trip or a long vacation, whatever it is, you should prepare beforehand to make the best out of your visit. Asturias has many places for you to check out and many things to enjoy.

Many Destination Management Spain companies can be your guide in planning the best trip to Asturias, Spain. One such name is Dispo. Travel.

The experts here can plan the best vacation for you to fulfil all your needs in one place. Check their website to enjoy a joyous vacation to Asturias.

Things to Do

When in Asturias, visit all the places that are worth your time. Here are some for you.

· Cangas de Onis

It is located in Picos de Europa National Park, right at the centre. This park is famous for its rich culture and heritage and also for its historical architecture. Check this park to get a glimpse of the ancient significance of Asturias.

· Silencio Beach

This beach is famous for its stretch of about 300 metres. It is in the shape of a crescent moon. The beautiful view of this beach is associated with crystal clear waters that reflect the sunlight perfectly.

During the summer months, the seawater shines like a strip of diamonds because of the reflection from the water.

· Ribadesella

Ribadesella is a beautiful town found at the entry of Sella. This coastal town is surrounded by many lovely places to visit, including some old cities.

The wooden gazebos with colourful facades and the Ardines family house are the added importance to this town.

· Bulnes

Naranjo de Bulnes is one of the most beautiful destinations in Asturias. It is a mountainous region and is ideal for adventurous visitors who prefer mountain sports. This place is a must-add to your travel itinerary.

· Lakes of Covadonga

When visiting Cangas de Onis, you cannot forget to visit the Lakes of Covadonga. It is located just a few kilometres away and you can check the Basilica of Santa Maria la Real de Covadonga on your way.

Asturias festivals

Spain is steeped in natural beauty, culture, and historical significance. Many months in a year is like a festival time for the locals here as the celebrations bring with them the best and most memorable times.

· September 8th, the Day of Asturias

This festival is about celebrating the Virgin of Covadonga. When Arabs tried their invasion of Asturias, they were defeated, and the patron saint is its significance.

· The festival de la Sidra in Nava on July Weekends

In the Cider region, you can find Nava. It is one of the municipalities that host the festival in July. It is the festival where there will be weekend parties, theatre, music, concerts, and orchestras. Every event organised will be based on the right Cider culture in this festival month.

Asturias in Spain is like a wonderful place on earth. You can check it on your next Spain visit. While at it, Dispo. Travel can be your helping guide.

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