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Discover Alabama’s Tranquil Gulf Coast Beaches and Parks

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Alabama’s Gulf Coast, nestled between Pensacola and New Orleans, offers over 50 miles of Gulf Beach and 65 to 70 miles of bay beaches. It is a pristine haven with favorable year-round weather, emphasizing accessibility and tranquility.

Here, visitors can relax without crowd or bustling boardwalks, enjoying untouched, unspoiled landscapes often overlooked in favor of Florida or Hawaii’s more famous shores. It is a retreat where both adults and children can unwind amidst serene beaches, free from souvenir hawkers—a hidden gem for those seeking a quieter coastal experience in the United States.

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Things to do here

Alabama’s top beaches, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, are beloved for their pristine sugar-like sand and a wealth of vacation activities. Visitors enjoy water sports, fishing, championship golf, fresh seafood, and diverse dining and shopping options. Nature preserves and stunning sunsets add to the allure.

Nine championship golf courses near the beaches and vacation rentals attract golf enthusiasts. Courses like Cotton Creek and Cypress Bend at Craft Farms, designed by Arnold Palmer, offer challenging play.

Other courses by Jerry Pate, Bruce Devlin, and Earl Stone provide unique landscapes and tests for golfers of all levels. Alabama’s coastal area blends relaxation with active pursuits, making it a sought-after destination for both leisure and sport.

Gulf Coast and Orange Beach

Alabama’s beaches consistently rank among the top in the U.S. yet remain a hidden gem along the Gulf Coast. Situated next to Florida, the Alabama Gulf region draws vacationers seeking Southern hospitality, friendly locals, and a wealth of activities.

Gulf Shores-Orange Beach has earned acclaim for its beach-loving atmosphere, recognized as one of the most underrated U.S. destinations, best Southern beaches, and charming towns in America.

The following are a few of the top beaches where you can visit while you are in Alabama that offers you the best of the Gulf Coast.

1. Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores is one of the leading spring break destinations, particularly between March 4 and April 22. Residents and tourists alike are greeted by Gulf Shores’ pristine, white sand and clear waters, defining this seaside town of approximately 16,000 residents.

Gulf Shores offers multiple beach entry points, including the popular Gulf Shores Public Beach at Gulf Place, ideal for active travelers with amenities like the Pink Pony Pub and volleyball nets. For a quieter, off-the-grid experience, Branyon Beach Access features tall sand dunes and a serene boardwalk setting.

The city of Gulf Shores aims for “complete accessibility” at the beach and currently provides four mats to facilitate access to the shore. Beach safety officers and lifeguards are available to assist visitors who require help reaching the beachfront.

2. Dauphin Island

You will find Dauphin Island a bit different from most other Gulf shores as the new developments has just begun in this shore. An ideal place for those looking for peaceful atmosphere.

Located in the Mobile metropolitan region on a barrier island, Dauphin provides a tranquil haven only which is forty minutes away by car. Visitors can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and nearly two miles of “sugar white” sandy beach, ideal for unplugging and unwinding.

3. Orange Beach

Orange Beach caters to all beachgoers, offering something for every preference. Major hotel chains such as Wyndham and Hilton offer comfortable options for those looking for a traditional beach holiday. Garden Inn resorts and beachfront vacation rentals are among the options available.

In addition, the region offers a variety of lodging options, including quaint bed & breakfasts, local restaurants, and stores, that are appreciated by both tourists and residents.

4. Gulf State Park

Adventure seekers will always love to visit this Golf State Park. It is spread over 6000 acers of area where one can be engaged with several activities other than surfing.

You can spend your time in the following activities:

  • Visiting a study center for observing wildlife
  • Staying in furnished cabins or cottages with views of woodlands or lakes
  • Fishing pier for outdoor activities.
  • Can swim in Lake Shelby, which is covered in 900-acre area
  • Go kayaking.

If you have had enough with various water activities then you may prefer to relax under the shade available in that area. Many people also prefer to go for a picnic and have barbeque foods. Kids can enjoy playing there.

If you are interested to divide your time equally, you can pay a visit to the neighborhood beach and Lake Shelby which are connected by a pedestrian bridge.


To summarize the whole, you can enjoy your stay in the Gulf State Park, where you will find 900-acre Lake Shelby. You can swim in the calm freshwater or go for kayaking, and paddleboarding. Here, they can grill meals or watch children play on the nearby playground.

For those looking to balance activities, a pedestrian bridge connects Lake Shelby directly to the local beach, facilitating easy transitions between lake and Gulf experiences. This setup caters to families and individuals seeking diverse outdoor activities within the park’s expansive natural setting.

Gulf State Park has a strong emphasis on leisure and relaxation, offering quiet views of the surrounding countryside or the lake from its cabin and cottage accommodation.

For those looking for outdoor activities and stunning scenery, the park’s environmental education center adds to the experience by providing insights into the area’s fauna and ecosystems. This guarantees that visitors of all ages will have an unforgettable time.

Emerald Coast by Owner offers vacation rentals, which is one of the best options as compared to staying in hotel while you are holidaying in Alabama’s Gulf Coast. You will enjoy a home-like atmosphere in such accommodation.

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