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Adventure Awaits: An Unforgettable Summer Vacation in Jim Corbett’s Elite Resort

by Atlus

As summer approaches, most parents across India embark on the quest for an ideal summer vacation destination. With a desire to escape the summer heat and to let kids have a great fun time, often families choose hill stations. No wonder hill stations were a perfect abode for summers around 10 years back. But if you are seeking a great family time along with luxury and some fun activities, then we must recommend you to plan this summer vacation in Jim Corbett. With the presence of a luxurious resort like Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa in Jim Corbett, you can experience a thrilling summer vacation this year.

I can say that, as I have personally experienced the same last year when I decided to ditch the plan of going to a hill station and chose Jim Corbett over it. I know that deciding on a summer vacation place does put families in a dilemma, but with the Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa, you can never go wrong. It is time we let our kids experience some adventure by making them have a close encounter with nature’s marvels. And if you are worried about how your kids will enjoy their summer vacation at this place then leave all your worries behind. The resort is not only known for the luxury and comfort. But to make summertime exciting and fun for kids, they also plan multiple fun-filled activities that will let your kids enjoy to the fullest.

It was my first time choosing something else over the common places for summer vacation. Both I and my family were a little skeptical about the same. But after reaching there and spending time amidst nature, I knew that there could be no other place better than this for my children’s summer retreat. An extensive property like Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa lets you get all the comfort that you seek during summer vacation. While visiting hill stations like Shimla, Nainital, and Manali, we stayed in a luxurious property. But they were nothing in comparison to what we had at this resort in Jim Corbett. That is one of the major reasons why I have already planned this summer vacation also at the same resort in Jim Corbett.

What makes Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa my first choice for summer retreat?

When I shared my summer vacation plan with my friends this year, they doubted my decision thinking why I would like to visit the same place again. They had many questions such as won’t kids get bored at the same location, does the resort offer enough activities for kids to enjoy, why don’t you visit any hill station, and lots more. I knew this would be coming but after taking a glance at my pictures of last summer vacation, they all knew why I planned another summer vacation here. If you have also not planned your summer vacation till now, then do not delay in making your bookings at Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa. If you wish to know why then explore my wonderful experience through this blog.

Choosing Serenity over chaos

My first and the foremost important reason for choosing Jim Corbett over any hill station is choosing serenity over chaos. No wonder hill stations are beautiful and perfect for best family vacations in the summer. But over the past few years they have become overly crowded. Instead of enjoying the beauty of the place, one gets to see chaos all over. We know that it is natural to experience such crowds during summers as it is the peak season. But then what about the adventure, fun, and family time for which you planned your holiday for? That is what made me rethink about going to a hill station and choosing this property at Jim Corbett for another summer vacation.

When I talk about serenity that is what you will find the most when planning your summer retreat at Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa. Burrowed in the heart of Uttarakhand, the resort is surrounded by greenery offering a view to breathtaking landscapes. It is far different than any typical hill station retreat, which often entails crowded tourist spots and congested streets. To keep my children and family away from such a chaotic environment, Jim Corbett seems the perfect resort to me for planning this summer vacation.

Luxury amidst Wilderness

The idea of immersing ourselves in nature’s embrace does seem enticing. But that doesn’t mean keeping my family away from the luxury they desire during a summer retreat. During our first summer vacation in Jim Corbett, we came across several resorts while making the bookings. But none of them seem this luxurious and affordable at the same time like Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa. We know that most people prefer going for rustic lodges or camping when planning a trip to Jim Corbett. But with children along, a luxurious kid-friendly resort is what we preferred over anything.

Though the resort is quite away from the main city and is surrounded all over with forest; but there was nothing missing when we say luxury. The resort is well-equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities that one requires for a comfortable stay. It seemed like a home away from a home where everything was meticulously crafted to pamper the senses. To add on to the luxury for adults, the resort also houses a spa center which made us more excited.

Spacious and Comfortable Accommodation

The first thing that most of us look for when making bookings is the comfortable accommodation that makes our holiday relaxing. Though, I booked Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa after checking the reviews. But will you believe me if I say that I got more than what I expected? The resort boasts of spacious accommodations with the availability of most modern amenities to offer its guest with comfort and convenience. Despite the hot temperature outside, our cottage had a pleasing cool temperature which made us feel relaxed. Be it the plush bedding or the cordial room service staff members, the resort pampered us in the best way possible.

But what took me to surprise was the pool inside the room. It was a luxury to another level and my children enjoyed it the most. The resort is known to offer plunge pool cottages which are highly comfortable, especially for a summer retreat to dwell in the cold water at your own comfort. Getting ourselves treated with such luxury and comfort made our summer vacation more special. While exploring the resort I got to know that the resort has over 160+ luxury rooms and cottages. However, finding a booking here still gets difficult as people book their rooms quite early. That is why, I didn’t wait to make the last minute bookings for this summer season and have already booked a plunge pool cottage for my family.

Kid-Friendly Resort offering myriad activities to enjoy

Summer Vacation calls for the fun filled days for kids and at Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa, our children have had the best time they wished for. While booking the resort, we were unaware of the activities that the resort hosts for children to enjoy. I booked it with the intention that I will take my kids for a jungle safari to let them witness the wilderness in real. As my kids always wanted to go for an adventurous vacation and this was all I could plan for them. But after reaching the resort I got another surprise when I got to know that the resort has a separate kid’s activity area with different rides and activities.

The resort hosted different activities every day to engage kids in innovative activities and tasks including cupcake making, painting, tug of war, hand painting, and multiple other activities. No wonder, my kids were not ready to miss any of these activities as they enjoyed them all the most. Other than these activities, the resort also houses an extensive swimming pool for both adults and kids. Though keeping safety in mind, the kid’s swimming pool had low water level and is attached to the adult’s swimming pool only so that the complete family can enjoy together. The jungle safari ride, species of flora and fauna, waterfall, and the adventurous trail will let your children love summer vacation like never before.

Safe and secure property for kids

When I travel with my kids, safety is my major concern and that is why I pick the destinations and properties with complete precaution. But with Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa, I am now not worried at all, as I have experienced a completely safe environment there with my kids. The resort offers round the clock security and has stringent safety measures that makes us feel at home without any worries. We were enjoying the beauty of the surroundings without getting worried about our kids running here and there. The availability of the security guards at most places ensured us that our children are at the safest location and are enjoying their summer vacation with full zeal.

Convenience offered by Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa

Be it the convenience of reaching the location or the convenience in making the booking, all these things are considered when planning summer vacation or any holiday. Especially when travelling with kids, none of us wish to face unforeseen circumstances. That is why I say that booking Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa for summer vacation last year was the best decision I made. Unlike the jam packed roads of hill stations where we get stuck for hours to reach our destination; reaching Jim Corbett was a seamless experience. The closer we were getting to our destination, the more it felt like a drive to nature’s abode. With pristine landscape on both the sides, it was a mesmerizing experience for us.

One can easily make the booking for the cottage via the resort’s website. If you have missed booking the Jungle Safari rides due to any last minute plan, seek help from the cooperative staff members after visiting the resort. The resort is located close to Jim Corbett National Park which makes it easier for one to explore the park without spending hours travelling to reach the location. If you wish to bring some souvenirs for your friends or family, the resort has a souvenir shop too to get something unique and memorable for your loved ones.

Immerse in the taste of exotic culinary delights

Are you also someone who worries about food when traveling with kids? My kids being quite choosy with food items, it often leaves me stressed about what to feed them. Thinking of the same, I packed some of their favorite snacks along. However later on, I didn’t require them at all, as the resort offered an assorted range of cuisines for both kids and adults. Being nestled amidst the land of Uttarakhand, I thought that we would mostly get served with local cuisines and was worried about whether my kids will like those cuisines or not. But my experience with food at Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa, Best resort close to nainital was completely different.

The resort offered different cuisines along with the local cuisine which we enjoyed a lot. The availability of buffet at breakfast, lunch, and dinner made it feasible for me to get dishes that my kids liked and ate willingly. The resort also provides fresh milk for infants if required, so do not worry if you are travelling with a toddler.

Whether you choose to retreat to a tranquil hill station or embark on a thrilling adventure in Jim Corbett, the key is to prioritize your family’s preferences and interests. Whether it’s the serene beauty of the mountains or the raw wilderness of the jungle, both destinations offer the promise of unforgettable experiences and cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Ultimately, the best summer vacation for kids is one that brings joy, excitement, and a sense of wonder, no matter where the journey takes you.

In retrospect, I can say that my decision to opt for a luxurious, kid-friendly resort in Jim Corbett for my kids’ summer vacation proved to be a stroke of genius. From dwelling into luxury to embracing nature, every aspect of this summer retreat exceeded our expectations, offering a symphonic blend of lavishness and adventure. This place holds a different allure which cannot be found elsewhere. If you are also in search of a new and adventurous destination to take your kids to this summer, Jim Corbett is where you need to head towards. Jim Corbett’s untamed wilderness and Anantum Gateway Resorts & Spa’s unparalleled hospitality will let you cherish memories with your children.

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